Logo Design

What to expect from the design process

Looking for a new logo? Here’s what to expect from the design process.


  • Design Brief:

To create a logo, I like to find out as much about my client as possible. This can include their tastes (logos they like/dislike and why), what they want their brand to portray, the feelings they wish their brand to evoke and how they’d like their brand to come across to potential clients. Clients can send their own design brief outlining their wishes, or alternatively fill in my design brief questionnaire here. The client’s answers will help guide and shape the design process.

  • Research & reference:

At this stage, after researching your market & needs, I will draw together relevant and inspiring reference material based upon your answers.

  • Idea generation & design:

The initial sketches will involve exploring and pushing concepts and iterating upon successful ideas. The most relevant and successful ideas will be brought into Adobe Illustrator and worked into digital vector based artwork. The design brief is continually referred to, to ensure the designs are meeting the client’s requirements.

  • Client presentation:

Only the most relevant and compelling designs will make the final selection which will be compiled into a PDF for viewing. At this stage a final design is chosen to be developed and finessed according to the client’s instructions.

  • Delivery of final design:

The chosen design is re-drawn precisely from scratch to ensure the very highest quality execution. Final files will be prepared in various formats and for various applications suitable for both online and print.

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